Automatic Sidewall Motor Drives

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Automatic side-wall vent openers

Redpath Autowinders offer "peace of mind" ventilation for roll up wall vent systems. These robust 24volt DC motor/gearboxes feature a built-in limit switch and will comfortably operate up to 48 metres of rollup wall ventilation. Autowinders can be set up to operate on a manual switch by your electrician or if desired the Redpath Autowinder Controller (see here) offers a simple “set and forget" automatic control system.

Autowinders can be supplied as an individual part (with built in limit switch), or as a complete unit which includes the roller guide and roll up tube coupling adapter.

Call Redpath for a free information brochure on our automatic roll up side wall openers and controllers, these drives will suit almost all standard roll up wall systems.

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Autowinder rollup wall motor/gearbox inc limit switch, $437.73

Controllers for 2 Roll Up Wall motors $1263.44

24V Power Supply Box $562.27