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Redpath Ecoshelters Overview

Ecoshelters have been very popular with the pork production industry for over 15 Years.  More than 1000 of these units have been manufactured and built by Redpath. The Ecoshelter will usually be supplied with Durashade or Canvacon shaded roofing cover, and roll up blinds are optional on one or both sides of the building.  Ecoshelters are an all bolted RHS box section tube design, making them straight-forward to assemble by the owner or Redpaths contractor and also very strong in high wind sites.

Ecoshelters are most popular using the 9.2m arch span in either single or multiple connected spans, although Redpath offer a 7.5m and 10.65m series also. Ventilation of the Ecoshelter is either by natural side or roof vent systems + air forced fan ventilation is an option also.

*Some conditions apply


Redpath Ecoshelter basic specifications

  •   Span / bay Widths: 7.6m, 9.2 or 10.65  metres + combinations of these
  •   Post spacing lengthways: 3 metres between posts
  •   Height to gutter options: 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, or 4.5 metres
  •   Apex height: Up to 7 metres
  •   Roof Ventilation Design: Single or Double ridge ventilation optional
  •   Vent drive systems: Dutch high quality Ridder
  •   Roof vent upstand flashings & end weather flashings: Yes included
  •   Vent mechanism roof: Ridder motors and controllers, indirect Geared rack and pinion system   
  •   Sidewall ventilation: Roll up sidewall on one or both sides is a popular option, using Eziwinder roll up wall self locking winches
  •   Roof cladding: Durashade white pigmented animal shelter film, (10 Year clear Durashelter also available).  Or black/white Canvacon reinforced roofing.
  •   Wall cladding: Polyweave side roller blinds or shaded film wall sides/ends
  •   Frame Guard Tape: Fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic
  •   Gutter design: Walkthrough Vee gutter,  steel , gives easy & safe access to roofline
  •   Doors: Supplied on demand
  •   Footings: Typically 1.25 metre deep x 0.450 diameter (soil type dependant)
  •   Wind load:  165kph, greater if required
  •   Installation: Yes nationwide including building permit application/processing.  Kitset only also an option.
  •   Warranty: Yes, Redpath 3 Year silver series manufacturers warranty


    * Different grades and colour roof cladding
    * Shade or Thermal screens
    * Environmental controller & automatic roof vent or side vent drive systems


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