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What do Redpath Dairy Standoffshelters cost?

Redpath Dairy Standoffshelters can be surprisingly cost-effective. This is due to the fact that when you purchase from Redpath you are buying direct from the manufacturer with no "middle-man" in place.

Redpath source all their materials direct from the steel mill, plus all of the other major components of the building such as the aluminium fastening systems and specialty long life coverings are sourced by Redpath direct from the manufacturer. We bring these materials to you at the best possible price and on top of that have the choice of more than four construction crews who work nationwide to construct our shelters on your farm for the best possible price.

With these sourcing and installations systems in place - Redpath can bring you a high quality building that offers years and years of service at a very affordable cost.

Prices do vary slightly between Redpaths different building designs and the optional extras that are selected:  
An example price for a 300 cow shelter that provides 7.5 m2 of loafing space per cow, with a covered central feed-out lane constructed on a pre-prepared standard soils site would typically be in the vicinity of $550+GST per cow

Shelters for larger herds will typically reduce the cost further*.  Some variables may apply (location of site / ground conditions / foundation concrete cost etc.)

Optional extras such as side eyebrows, overhead shade screens, header rails, lean rails, ventilation, roll up blinds, cowscratcher brushes etc. - will affect the overall price of the building.

If looking to invest in a Redpath Dairyshelter - the main outlay is tied up in the following:

The typical major set-up costs in order of value to consider:

  • The structure: Main overhead building including labour
  • Site works:  Building pad + drainage preparation
  • Concrete work: Feed placement paths, Troughs, Turnaround areas
  • Deep litter: Initial supply of woodchip
  • Accessories: Council fee's, Gates, Plumbing, Water troughs etc.

To assist with the above and as part of Redpath's service of supply we offer drawing details and guidelines on the site works profiles / falls, Drainage, Concrete side nibs / pathways etc. We also provide names for the woodchip supply + we handle the building consent process in-house for you.

Contact Redpath on Free Ph 1800 024 680 or use our enquiry form below to request a price for your farm.  Please allow up 48 hours for an accurate and no obligation estimate to be completed and sent to you in return.

NOTE: Redpath's advice is to complete any permit application over the winter /spring months, so as to allow straight forward and speedy construction of the Dairyshelter in the Summer/Autumn period

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