Automatic roof motor drives

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Automatic vent motor drives

Redpath’s "direct-drive" and "cross-link" automatic motor drive systems bring a sturdy, reliable solution for owners wanting a fuss-free electric vent-drive system.

Quality European Ridder and also Viale systems are supplied by Redpath and they come complete with in-built limit switch and optional contactor boxes.  Both single phase and three phase motors may be used with output shafts sized to suit most common building designs.

Redpath will likely have in stock a motor drive system to suit your rack & pinion vent drive greenhouse vents, Use the enquiry form below and advise us of your needs, and we can make the recommendations to suit your individual application. 

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Roof vent electric motor gear box Inc limit switch

Ridder cross link motor gear box Inc limit switch $3025.54

Autowinder 24V motor gear box Inc limit switch

Switch box contactor, reversing starter unit 3ph $586.29