Evaporative Pad System

redpath nz
redpath nz

Redpath evaporative cooling pads

Evaporative cooling pads are a very effective way to cool air as it enters the greenhouse or animal shelter. Evaporative cooling pads are a paper based core system that has an overhead water supply (via an aluminium tray) trickle fed through the pad itself.  As the water travels through the “core", it cools the air being drawn through it.

The waste water that runs through the pad is collected by a catch tray at its base and then recycled back to the top tray via a small pump.

Evaporative pads are typically a custom fit - and Redpath can design a system to suit your needs. Use the enquiry form below for more information. 

Size: 1m x 600mm x 100mm pad only

Fans not included

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