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4.26m Nursery series overview

The 4.26m Nursery series design is a budget greenhouse that is both cost-effective and speedy to build. The 4.26 Nursery Series model is popular for small to medium growers. The 4.26m design is supplied with either straight sidewalls or may be a fully curved tunnel to the ground. Hortiplus 180 single skin cladding is used as standard or this can be upgraded to the tough 210 micron Duratough cladding. Ventilation can be included as an extra with either manually operated or automatic roll up sidewalls. Forced airflow fan systems are also another option. Insect screens may be fitted to all ventilator openings for pest exclusion if required.

You can fit Redpath overhead shade or thermal screens to this greenhouse design. Call us for a quote or click link here

Basic Specifications:

  • Span / Bay Widths: 4.26 metres.
  • Post spacing lengthways: 2 metres between posts
  • Height of sidewall (if vertical wall): 1.6m up to 2.4 metres
  • Apex height: 1.6m straight wall model = 2.5m at apex,   2.4m straight wall model = 3.3m at apex
  • Side ventilation: Roll up walls with manual or automatic winders are an optional extra. Forced air fan with cooling inlet pad system also available
  • Roof cladding single skin: Single-skin Hortiplus 180 is standard.  Single skin 210 Duratough is also an option.  Twin skin with either Hortiplus 180 or Duratough 210 micron is another option for superior thermal efficiency.
  • Wall cladding: Single-skin Hortiplus 180 or 210 Duratough + Twin skin with either Hortiplus 180 or Duratough 210 micron is another option for superior thermal efficiency.
  • Greenhouse film fastening system:  Yes aluminium Duralock system as standard
  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
  • Doors: Single sliding doors are standard. Extra doors or wider openings are available
  • Footings: All posts are concreted into the ground
  • Installation: Redpath can supply in Kit form or have your nearest subcontract builder install your building for you.
  • Main assembly: All galvanised steel frame and simple assembly process


  • Shade or Thermal screens systems
  • White woven long-life Reflectamat greenhouse flooring cover
  • Environmental controller with wind-speed, wind direction, rain, internal temperature control of side vents
  • Insect screening or bird screening of side vents optional
  • Shaded white Durashade greenhouse film is an option

The Nursery Series greenhouses are a basic design that has not been engineered.
For areas with high winds or where crop loading is required we recommend the Rain Cover series.
Please call to discuss your requirements.

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