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Durashelter Pro-Rata UV warranty conditions: Applies only when fitted to Redpath Standoffshelter buildings.  Service life is 8 years + typically, factory pro-rata UV warranty is as below.

When installed on a new Redpath building project - Durashelter 5 year repair/replacement warranty “If it fails within the first 5 Years on a Redpath building – We’ll  repair or replace it for free!” 

 Additional Pro-Rata UV warranty limitations

  Warranty applies to:  Durashelter™ covering that is fitted by the supplier or their approved installer to a Redpath building.

  Warranty Period:  Starts at time of cover installation or 90 days after the date of the material supply invoice  

  Warranty Cover: Materials and labour to repair or replace the Durashelter roof or sections thereof




AREA 1 Vic, Tas, S.A, NSW

5 Year / Seasons

Area 2 Qld, NT, WA

4 Year / Seasons

DURASHELTER - when fitted to a Redpath Standoffshelter


5 winter seasons

4 summer seasons

4 winter seasons

4 summer seasons

Period of UV warranty: 5 Seasons

* Area 1 = 5 seasons is a period of 54 months , including no more than 12 summer months and 15 winter months*      * Area 2 = 4 seasons is a period of 48 months , including no more than 12 summer months and 12 winter months

Warranty DOES NOT include any damage from the following.

1)       Wind speeds/gusts above 160kph, as these wind speeds are ‘extreme’ and likely to even cause damage to hard clad structures e.g. tin roofed sheds, barns etc. The wind speed reference to be used is that as recorded at the closest airport or official metrological site to the buildings location.

2)       For this warranty to apply - the building must have at minimum a windbreak shelter cloth fitted to the sidewalls (minimum down to header rail if feeding externally) along the full length of each sidewall + gable end sections closed in with windbreak or Durashelter film. Alternatively, the customer can build a suitably designed windbreak near the structure to provide the required wind protection.

3)       Extreme acts of weather e.g. Tornado, Large or unusually sized or shape Hail, Snowfall above 500mm deep, outside impact of flying debris, pest/animal damage are not covered

4)       Forces from other source: E.G flying debris (branches from trees etc. that might cause initial puncture damage), Farm machinery, Fire, Ash, Malicious acts and Vandalism, etc. are not covered

5)       Fair wear and tear, abrasion, elongation from temperature fluctuations etc. is not covered by this warranty.

6)       Chemical attack of the cladding is not covered by this warranty E.G exposure to petroleum, fertilisers, chlorine, sulphur, based products including paints, cleaners, sterilizing agents, and localised outside sources.

7)       Any alterations or repairs made to the original cladding, building and or holding systems without the supplier’s written prior approval.  

8)       Lack of maintenance requirements on the covers and clipping systems by the Client.

9)       Minor variations in diffusion, or plastic distortion which can occur naturally during the manufacturing process.

10)   The supplier shall in no event be liable to the buyer for loss of profits, or special, indirect or consequential damage.

11)  This warranty does not remove any rights that the customer might have under Australian law.

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