Limerock base / floor systems

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Limestone / Limerock Floors

The use of a limestone floor is another option to build the Redpath Dairyshelter overhead.  The limestone based floors are used for short to medium term holding from just a few hours per day in summertime to 1-2 days in winter. Limerock based floors offer a slightly 'softer' floor loafing option for the cows with farmers that use this system commenting that cows will prefer to lay on the softer surface compared to concrete and that cows suffer less joint and skin issues. 

Covering your limerock pad will reduce the amount of water run-off from the pad caused by rainfall and of course keep the limerock in a stable and usable condition. The Redpath clear roofing has a large impact on keeping the floor dry via high levels of sunshine energy. Reduced rainfall substantially reduces the filling loads placed on your existing effluent ponds.

Redpath will supply and construct over existing or new limerock pads and are happy to quote for your individual application, call us with the pad dimensions and any trough spacing's.

Alternatively - if you would like a plan drawing of a typical limerock pad and trough layout sent to you - please use the enquiry form below 

IF in doubt - Free Ph 1 800 024 680 - for detailed information and drawings

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