Misting Units

Automatic misting watering units



Balance arm evaporative misting unit, will water or mist your plants automatically

How it works:

The gauze balance arm pad can be set with an adjustable counter weight on one end of the arm to your appropriate misting sensitivity.  When the unit is switched on the mercury switch on the balance arm will allow power to the solenoid and the watering process has begun.  As the balance arm gauze pad collects water droplets, the weight of the water “tips the scale” and switches off the solenoid.  Over time the water will evaporate from the gauze pad and the counter weight will tip down and switch the watering system back on again.

This process repeats indefinitely and is self-adjusting in respect that the warmer and drier the conditions, the faster the evaporative process takes and therefore the more frequent the misting will occur.

Parts the customer needs to supply: 
15mm PVC pipework / connectors as desired

The system is not supplied with misting heads - (Please contact us to discuss your misting head options).

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Misting Unit

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