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Biomesh - anti-insect screening .28mm x .78mm opening

Redpath Biomesh is a monofilament polyethylene UV stabilised yarn mesh. It is a closely woven textile that may be used outdoors over a simple framework or within a greenhouse to cover ventilation; door or window openings to assist with exclude very small pests.

Insect screening can exclude many varieties of aphids, whitefly, and other small common pests. Please check with your consultant if the Biomesh opening size of .28mm x .78mm is sufficiently small to restrict the pest you don't desire! 

The colour (natural) still allows excellent light transmission and the Biomesh may be secured to the structure by simple battens or using the Redpath Lockstrip or Duralock clipping systems (see here)

Biomesh is supplied in two standard widths of 3m or 5.5m.  Roll lengths are 100m long - or it can be ordered 'cut length' to suit the individuals application. If using Biomesh over vent opening be sure to consider the restriction of air-flow that may occur due to the fine Biomesh weave.

Also check our current specials page here, as selected sizes may be on special this month!

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Insect Screening Biomesh 3m Width

per Metre $9.46

Insect Screening Biomesh 5.5m Width

per Metre $16.61